What Does Other Snapchatters Mean? How to Prevent Them

What Does Other Snapchatters Mean? When viewing your Snapchat story, you may find yourself scratching your head when you see the term “Other Snapchatters.”. This isn’t uncommon.

The same question has been asked by many users on the platform. As the company does not mention it anywhere on its website, scouring Snapchat’s website won’t yield any answers.

Thanks to some digging, we have discovered what “Other Snapchatters” refers to. We’ll explain what it means in this article.

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What Does Other Snapchatters Mean
What Does Other Snapchatters Mean

What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean on Snapchat?

“Other Snapchatters” are Snapchat users who have viewed your story but don’t follow you. Despite answering one question, it raises several others. Has a friend unfollowed or blocked you? Take a closer look at who gets the title “Other Snapchatters”.

You Have Been Removed as a Friend

Snapchat shows your friend’s username under normal story viewers when they view your story. You are no longer friends on Snapchat if someone you thought you were friends with appears on your story view as “Other Snapchatters.”

Your friend probably unfollowed you and is now an “other.” You can find out if your friend has unfollowed you by using two methods.

  1. Open Snapchat and navigate to chat at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Look for your friend’s name on the list displayed.

If the snap status reads “Status is Pending” and there is a gray arrow next to their name, they probably unfriended you.

You can also check your Snapchat score to see if you have been removed as a friend. The process is as follows:

  1. Launch Snapchat and search for the person you think has removed you as a friend.
  2. Next, click on their name and tap to open their profile.
  3. Check to see if you can view their Snapchat score. If you can’t, they are no longer following you on Snapchat.

Snapchat doesn’t make it easy to tell when someone unfriends you. Although the platform does not send notifications, you can still send messages to the user unless they have blocked your account.

You can use the methods outlined above to figure out if the “Other Snapchatter” has unfollowed you.

You Have Been Blocked on Snapchat

It is possible that the person showing up on your story viewer list as “Other Snapchatters” blocked you after viewing your story. Doesn’t it really make you question your post?

However, before jumping to conclusions, let’s confirm that the user has blocked you on the platform. You can get to the bottom of things using these three methods.

  1. Open Snapchat and press the Search icon (magnifying lens) in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Type in the username of the person you’re looking for.

If their name doesn’t come up, they could have blocked you on Snapchat.

Check your recent conversations with the other user for clues about your online friendship status. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Snapchat and tap on the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Scroll down the chat history list and look for your conversations with the other user.

They may have blocked you if they don’t appear in your chat history. Send a message to the user. A response stating that the message could not be transmitted confirms that you have been blocked. Any future stories you post will no longer be accessible to them.

If you attempt to send a message and the status says “pending,” it is more likely that they have unfriended you but not blocked you.

You Haven’t Added Them on Snapchat

You might not have added the user to your list of friends if you see “Other Snapchatters” on your story view. ‘Other Snapchatters’ either have you as a friend on their account or have sent you a friend request you haven’t accepted.

You can find out who these “Other Snapchatters” are by following the steps below, and decide whether to add them as friends.

  1. Open Snapchat and click on the Profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select My story from the dropdown menu and scroll through the list of viewers.
  3. Look through the names under “Other Snapchatters” to see who you aren’t friends with.
  4. Tap on their names to view their profiles.

If you mistakenly forgot to add the “Other Snapchatters” to your friends’ list, you can do so now before things get awkward.

How to Prevent “Other Snapchatters”

If your Snapchat account is public, people who are not friends with you cannot see your stories. You can change your privacy settings if you see “Other Snapchatters” on your story view, which indicates strangers are following your account.

  1. Launch Snapchat and tap the Profile icon in the top left corner.
  2. From the profile screen, click on the Settings icon.
  3. Scroll to the “Who can” section and tap on View My Story.
  4. Hit Friends Only to keep random people out of your account.

Difference Between “Other Snapchatters” and “+1 More”

You’ll see three types of people in your Snapchat story viewer list. On the platform, there are those with whom you have mutual friends, “Other Snapchatters,” and “+1 more.”

“Other Snapchatters” differ from “+ 1 more” in that “Other Snapchatters” display their usernames in the list of people who viewed your profile. Those in the “+ 1 more” category, however, will not be identifiable.

In the “Other Snapchatters” group, you will find people who have blocked you or unfriended you. Snapchat recognizes a link between you and this group of people despite the fact that all that connects you to them is a friend request.

Choosing the “+ 1 more” category means the two of you have no connection, mutual or otherwise. You are not on their friend list, and they are not on yours. Therefore, the term “+ 1 more” will appear if your profile is public.

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“Other Snapchatters” is an anonymous title that groups together all the users who viewed your Snapchat story that you don’t follow on the app. Perhaps these folks added you and you never added them back. Or they could just be random users who stumbled upon your account and wanted to view your story.
Other Snapchatter +1 more means that the person who has viewed your story has blocked you. +1 more suggests that the user may have been on your friend’s list and viewed your story when you uploaded the story, but after viewing it, the user might have blocked you.

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