Samsung Wireless Charger is Blinking Yellow: 5 Fixes

Samsung phones seem to come with fewer problems than most other handsets. However, ever since Samsung launched wireless charging, it has started receiving a slew of complaints. 

The Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow is a common problem that many users are experiencing today. Take a look at how to fix it when your Samsung wireless charger is blinking yellow.

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Reasons Why Samsung Wireless Charger Blinks Yellow With Fixes

The problem with Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow is that it means the handset could stop charging. This cannot be reversed until you find a fix.

Usually, you need to disconnect the Samsung handset and reconnect it for charging. Take a look at the top issues that might be causing the Samsung wireless charger to blink yellow.

  1. This mostly is a result of the charger being in Abort mode. Whenever the charger output is shut off, the fix is to reset the charger.
  2. To fix your Samsung wireless charger when it is blinking yellow, simply unplug, wait, then reconnect.
  3. Another reason why your Samsung wireless charger is blinking yellow could be the inability of the battery to fully charge. Despite the wireless chargers operating on a smoother basis and giving lesser trouble than their wired counterparts, the inability to charge is a major hiccup. In general, the yellow light blinking on the Samsung wireless charger will not damage the device. However, timely intervention works best.
  4. Also, when re-plugging does not work, check if the wireless charger is actually working with compatible devices. Force pairing with incompatible devices will lead to Samsung’s wireless charger blinking yellow.
  5. Another less common cause that makes your Samsung wireless charger blink yellow is the phone cover or case interfering with the electromagnetic field of the phone. Remove the phone case to check and fix this issue.

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Orient and check components

Ensure that your phone is kept at the right angle and oriented correctly for charging. Finally, check if all components of the charger are working fine. If not, replace it immediately instead of trying hacks or tricks for repair.

Most often when your Samsung wireless charger blinks yellow, it has an underlying cause that is easy to reverse. However, ignoring the same will lead to significant damage.

Make sure you fix the yellow light blinking on the wireless charger before the Samsung handset gets affected.

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