No Airtag? QA Apple VP Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote

In a recent Apple QA, Tim Twerdahl’s Siri Remote was a hot topic. Everyone was hoping that Siri Remote would finally have AirTag. Apple VP Time Twerdahl has explained the reasons for the same. The new Apple TV is powered by an A12 Bionic chip. Here is all you need to know about the latest Siri Remote and AirTag.

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But, what is the reason for the Siri remote not having AirTag? Here is the gist of QA and Apple VP Tim Twerdahl’s Siri Remote conversation. Stay till the end of this article to find out how you can prevent your Siri Remote from getting lost.

Tim Twerdahl, Apple QA VP, explains why the Remote Has No AirTag

The new Apple TV is powered by an A12 Bionic chip along with 60Hz Dolby Vision. And a brand new Siri remote. If you are an Apple TV user, you know how difficult it is to locate the Siri Remote. This is one problem that many Apple TV consumers have repeatedly addressed. Even after that, the Siri Remote will not have AirTag to help locate the remote.

AirTag is one of Apple’s genius inventions. You can put an AirTag on your iPhone, iPad, or even a Mac to easily locate it. You can find your phone or any other device using the Find My App. The most recent Siri Remote is more updated than the previous ones. Many of us were hoping that the new Siri Remote would finally have AirTag.

Apple VP Tim Twerdahl explained why there will be no AirTag for Siri Remote. Tim Twerdahl commented in a Q&A with Mobile Syrup that the new Siri remote is big. He claims that it is large enough not to get tangled up on your couch or in your living room.

However, if you are like me, you can still lose it. Here are some DIY ways for you to couch-proof your remote. These are some ways that Apple TV users have tried and tested.

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DIYs for Couch Proofing your Siri Remote

With no AirTag on Siri Remote, it can easily get lost between your couch cushions. Or better yet, in your living room. Here are some tips people use to make sure their Siri Remote does not get lost all the time. The best way solution I found was to find a case for your Siri Remote. This way, you can put the AirTag on the case. Viola! Problem solved.

Another way that I found helpful, but a tad bit old school, was to use Velcro. You can use velcro to join AirTag and Siri Remote. This does seem like an extreme measure. But it is an extreme situation if you keep losing your Siri Remote again and again. Isn’t it? You can also use double-sided tape if you can’t find any Velcro.

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So, now you know what the QA Apple VP Tim Twerdahl Siri remote buzz is all about. If your remote gets lost frequently, you could try putting it in a case. And then add an AirTag to the case. We will keep coming up with more updates.

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