[EASY WAYS] How To Set Clock On Samsung Microwave?

How To Set Clock On Samsung Microwave? In today’s fast-paced life, everybody is pressed for time and hardly finds time to relax. Even if you set your alarm, you tend to snooze it and oversleep, and then rush to get breakfast ready. While being in a rush may be inevitable, you need to keep track of time. You will learn how to set the clock on a Samsung microwave in this post.

Simply glancing at your brand-new microwave while making your breakfast will tell you the exact time. You can catch your train, cab, or even drive to work on time now.

That said, you’ll need to manually change the time during daylight savings time and even when there is a power outage.

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How to Set the Clock on the Samsung Microwave?

Set your MG11T5018CC countertop microwave’s time (MG11T5018CC)

Firstly, you need to set your microwave’s time when you install it and adjust it whenever you need it.

  • To set the time, press OK and then tap the left or right arrows to set the hour. Press OK again.
  • Tap the left or right arrows to set the minute and press OK.
  • You will see the time on the control panel. When you use the microwave, the current time will change to the set cooking time.

With the Options button (ME21M706BA)

Some microwaves will provide you with the Options button to change the time. It will take you only a few seconds to set the clock.

  1. Press the Options button.

  2. Next, press ‘9 ‘ on the number pad.

  3. Press OK and enter the current time using the number pad.

  4. Press OK once you’ve completed it.

With the Power Level button (ME19R7041F)

Some microwave models have a hidden clock feature that can be accessed with the Power Level button. You need to enable it to set the microwave time.

  • Long-press the Power Level button.
  • Use the number pad.
  • For AM press the Power Level button once and for PM press it twice.
  • To confirm the time, press OK or Start.

With the My Settings Button (MC17J8000CS)

Some microwaves may have a My Settings button instead of an Options button.

  • Press the My Settings button.
  • Next, press ‘9’ on the number pad.
  • Next, press OK and enter the current time using the number pad.
  • Press OK once done.

With the Clock Button

Note: These instructions apply to ME20H705MSS, ME18H704SFS, and ME16H702SES microwave models. In other models, you can press the Clock button while cooking to see the time.

As these models have their own clock, you can simply press it and set the time.

  • Tap the Clock button.
  • Using the number pad, enter the time.
  • Next, press the Clock button and select AM or PM. You can skip this step on ME16H702SES.
  • To confirm the time, press Enter/Start.

So, you can set the clock on the Samsung microwave using any of the methods we have shared above.


How do I change the time on my Samsung oven without a clock button?

Set the clock on a range with a Smart dial

Tap Menu (the three horizontal lines) on the oven’s control panel.
Using the dial knob, select Set time.
Using the dial knob, enter the time.
Push the dial knob to confirm.

How do I set the time on my Samsung range 2023?

The trick to setting the clock on the Samsung stove is to push the clock symbol under the number nine, but don’t hold it for three seconds (3 secs is for “settings”), just push the clock symbol briefly, enter the time, then push it again.

How do I use the Options button on my Samsung microwave?

To customize:

Press the Options button.
Press the number button that corresponds to the. the function you want to customize.
Press the number that corresponds to the option you. want to set.
Press the ENTER/sTART button to set the option.

How do I reset my microwave?

Microwaves can stop responding due to software glitches or unintended microwave settings. Press the cancel/reset button to do a soft reset on your microwave. If necessary, perform a hard reset by unplugging your microwave for 30 minutes, then plug it back in.

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