How to Look Up Your Own Phone Number on Android & iOS?

How to Look Up Your Own Phone Number on Android & iOS? Those were the days when memorizing phone numbers was as common as memorizing street addresses. Once you could remember your own phone number, your best friend’s, your crush’s, and the one for the local pizza shop, smartphones have rendered this memory exercise moot. Most people don’t call their own phone number very often – and if they do, it’s usually in their Favorites – so they may not remember it.

You feel the familiar grip of panic when a new acquaintance asks you for your phone number and you don’t know what to say. Or maybe you’re so used to sharing the second phone number that you forgot the first! 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can find your own number (among other details like your IMEI number) on your phone if you know where to look. Here’s how.

How to find your phone number on iOS

Using your iOS device to look up your phone number is easy and convenient since most iOS users run the same version of the operating system. Your phone number can be found in two places: either in the Contacts app or in the Settings app.

  • Contacts: Open the Phone app, tap Contacts, and your number will be the first listed.
  • Settings: Go to Settings > Phone and My Number will be the first field on the list. You can change or edit this if you wish by tapping on the number.

How to find your phone number on Android

If you are trying to locate your own mobile number on an Android device, you may find some differences in the steps. The reason for this is that Android users may have different versions of the operating system and that different brands implement the operating system differently. There will be different interfaces depending on what device you use and which version of the operating system you are running. Regardless, all roads begin with settings.

The following example is for an LG V40 ThinQ running Android 10, but the steps are the same for Android 11 and Android 12.

  • Navigate to settings and search for My phone number in the search bar.
  • The result will give you the path: System > About phone > Status.
  • Launch the Contacts app instead, and you’ll see your own contact information right at the top.

If you have stock Android, or something very similar – such as the Google Pixel or Nexus, the Moto G, X, or Z from Lenovo – open the Contacts app. On the top of the list you’ll find an entry titled My Info or Me; your phone number is listed there.

On every Android phone, regardless of manufacturer, you can find your phone number in Settings > About Phone or About Device > Status > My phone number. Some Android phones will also display the status of the SIM card. Your phone number will appear there if this is the case with your phone. If you don’t want to go through all these different menus, pull up the search bar and type in My Phone Number. This brings up the relevant information.

If you know how to locate your phone number, you can help others locate their numbers in just a few steps.

Getting a call from your own number?

Now that you’ve found or memorized your phone number, it might come as a shock to see if it pops up on your screen as an incoming call. FTC warns that some scammers and robocallers have taken number spoofing to the next level, using your own number to gain your trust.

They have also taken to this method to get around number blocks, because after all, who blocks their own number? You are not from an alternate timeline, so if you see an incoming call with your number on it, don’t pick it up.

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