Dad and Buried the Anti Parent Parenting Blog Review

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Blogging from: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Yeah, he’s a dad, but he’s not going to let that ruin his life.

Brooklynite and dad blogger Mike Julianelle loves his son. Yet, Julianelle openly declares on his blog, Dad and Buried, that parenthood can sometimes be a drag. Taking on the responsibility of caring for a tiny human being requires necessary changes in lifestyle and in priorities. He can’t go out and drink anytime he wants to, and many of his activities are now more kid-centric. Despite these changes, Julianelle says, he’s not letting parenthood change who he is.

“I don’t see the need to live in the child bubble,” Julianelle says.

Calling himself the anti-parent, Julianelle uses Dad and Buried to vent his frustrations about judgmental parents, “parental experts,” and his own frustrating encounters with parenthood. He describes himself as cynical and sarcastic, and believes it is helpful for other parents to see it’s okay to be nervous; having kids is difficult. That said, Julianelle admits his blog will most definitely offend people — but only the ones not smart enough to get his humor.

“I don’t get too bent out of shape when people say I’m a jerk, “ Julianelle says. “As long as my wife and son think I’m doing a good job, it’s fine.”

A popular feature on the blog is his “buried secrets” section where parents can anonymously share their secrets, such as when “Boob Tube” confessed on May 31: “The television babysits my child when I get off work every day. I am raising a 2-year-old couch potato.”

While monitoring for any posts that would be dangerous, the forum is otherwise open. Julianelle intends it to be a non-judgmental place for parents to get things off their chest.

Most of all, Julianelle wants her readers to find the blog amusing. Having a family, he says, is not all sunshine and rainbows. He needs to be honest, but that doesn’t mean people won’t find it funny. “I hope people laugh mostly,” Julianelle says.

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