A Guide to Restore Recently Deleted Files iPhone Had

Have you accidentally deleted any important files or photos from your iPhone? Want to know where these files go and how to restore recently deleted files iPhone has without using any software?

This article will answer all these questions with just a few minutes of reading. No matter whether you want to recover deleted photos, videos, or other content, you can get back everything. Let’s find out which practical methods can assist you in doing so on your iPhone.

Reasons for Data Deletion/Loss on iPhone

It is not uncommon to lose some crucial files on an iPhone. There is a pool of possible reasons for data loss on iPhones. It may be due to new iOS 16 update failure, poor jailbreaking, device crashes, and/or deletion due to human mistakes.

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry and wonder how to copy and paste from iPhone or iPad devices. After you copy and paste data, you forget to save it, and it gets deleted. No matter what the reason is, losing valuable files can drive you crazy about how to get back removed data.

Where Deleted Data Go on iPhone?

Whether or not you can retrieve deleted files on your iPhone depends on where the data is stored. It also depends on if you have backup data or not. Data removed from the storage of the iPhone is stored in different sections on your phone storage.

After deletion, the location of the removed file is allocated as free space by iOS automatically. The new location of the deleted data can be accessed via third-party apps. In simpler terms, you can retrieve that removed data unless it has not been overwritten.

Retrieve Recently Deleted Files From iPhone

When you remove any file from your iPhone, it doesn’t delete permanently. It remains in the ‘Recently Deleted’ temporary folder. This folder is available in Notes, Photos, and Voice Memo apps and on iCloud.com as well.

Before using another method of recovering recently deleted files iPhone has, check this folder. The Recently Deleted folder will keep the removed data for 30 days before deleting them permanently. Select the required file and click Recover to restore it.    

Use Files App to Retrieve Removed Files

If you are not interested in using any unreliable third-party apps or software, you can use the Files App. This is your iPhone’s default app. To restore recently removed data in just a few clicks, you can simply use this app.

Open your iPhone and access the Files App. Now, go to the Browse section and click on the Recently Deleted option. Hit the Select button or keep holding the file, and choose the data you wish to recover. At last, click on Done.

Restore Deleted Data From iCloud.com

This method is recommended when your phone is synced with the iCloud account. The removed data will stay in the Recently Deleted folder in iCloud for 40 days. You can retrieve files removed from a particular app on your phone or iCloud Drive.

To restore your removed iPhone data:

  1. Open any browser and visit the iCloud website (www.icloud.com).
  2. Use your Apple ID and correct password to log in.
  3. Select Settings and hit ‘Restore Files’ in Advanced.
  4. Pick the required file and hit on the Restore button.  

Use Files App to Recover All Deleted Files

The Files app on iPhone provides great convenience for document management. You can use this app to recover recently removed files or documents individually or multiple files at once. To get back multiple deleted files, access Files on your device.

Then, at the bottom, hit on Browse. Next, click on the Recently Deleted option. Navigate to the top right side and click Select. At last, click on the Recover All button on the bottom screen. It will give you back all recently removed files or documents.

Recover iPhone’s Deleted Files With iTunes Backup

If you have taken your iPhone data backup using iTunes, you can use it to recover removed files. To retrieve deleted data with iTunes Backup, connect your iOS device to your computer. Choose the phone symbol and move to General.

Hit Restore Backup in the backups panel. Choose the most suitable iTunes backup. Now, click on the Restore button to restore the lost or deleted data on your iPhone. You can use third-party apps also but retrieving files manually is more secure. It keeps your data safe.


Luckily, there are multiple practical ways to locate and recover recently deleted files or documents on an iPhone. Temporarily removed files will be available on a Recently Deleted album for thirty days to restore. After 30 days, files will be removed permanently.

When the removed file is not available in the Recently Deleted album, it means you overwrite those files with new ones. To get back permanently deleted data, you can check iTunes or iCloud backup. 

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