Word Of Radiance 5e: Ways to Use DnD Spell, Tips, Rules

5e Word of Radiance DnD Cantrip Cleric is indeed a popular character. This spell erupts a mini fireball when you utter a divine word from your mouth making it super fun to use. The only difference between thunderclap and Word of Radiance is, that Word of Radiance allows you to target a particular creature within 5 feet of you. In this article, we have embraced the intricacies of the 5e Word of Radiance spell and its drawbacks. However, the damage of 1d6 increases as you progress through levels (Great, huh?).

In DnD 5e, what is the Word of Radiance, and what is the level Cantrip? How does it work? What is its suitability? What are its drawbacks? We have answered each one in the following drawbacks. As you go on, this will clear your head regarding this cleric spell.

As we move further, we need to inform you that it can be somewhat technical. So, if you have any doubts, drop them below. Let’s dig into the Cantrip Spell Word of Radiance 5e.

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What is the DnD 5e Word Of Radiance Cantrip Cleric Spell?

D&D Word of Radiance 5e is a spell that allows you to create a creature of your choice. This creature can make a Constitution saving throw or one that takes 1d6 radiant damage. When you cast the right word, a hot burning radiance emanates from you. However, damage of 1d6 can add up to:

  • 2d6 in level 5
  • 3d6 in level 11, and
  • 4d6 in level 17.

Word of Radiance 5e is a school of evocation. It is a cleric spell with a Cantrip level. This spell can be cast 1 time within a range of five feet. The spell Word of Radiance has the following components: This spell can be cast immediately. The materials include a holy symbol. And it does have scales.

Word of Radiance DnD 5e Spell: How to Use It?

The creatures targeted by the Word of Radiance DnD spell must be within 5 feet. This is a cleric spell, so you are looking at a battle cleric. It is highly recommended for a Cleric with a War Domain or Life Domain. When you are well armored, can hit level 5, and are able to cast spirit guardians, then all of the things within your 15 feet either get saved or take 3d8, and their speed reduces to half. By casting a spiritual weapon, as a bonus action, you can attack with it as a bonus action. You are allowed to get off Word of Radiance at the same time.

Imagine a 5th-level cleric (Wis 16) is completely surrounded by 3 tough creatures. He should have 17+ AC (without magic). Plus he can also impose a 1-round 145d8+16d6+3 for a potential maximal 1-round damage of 1259 harm (granted, don’t take a hit with everything, every time, although, this is an amazing potential at the 5th level).

The dark side is that since those are all spells that allow you to exclude people, it is expected that you can bear 2 or 3 or 4 level 5 clerics together and the effects of them will consequently collide. Each of these four clerics can achieve the same goal. Thus, inflicting a single target 13d8 + 8d6 + 12, each round.

This merely slows down the movement, making it more difficult to escape. CR 5 creatures are classics, revolving around 100 hp. These four clerics have high ACs and inflict around an average of 75-100 damage per round. In case your four clerics are totally surrounded, damage equals 4000 per round. This is a reasonably practical killing machine for a moment. Plus, if you had four clerics in total, surrounded by you, we would take almost 4000 damage per round.

What are the suitability of Level 1 spells and cantrips for a 5e beginner cleric? 

Word of Radiance 5e DnD, with its ability to strike multiple monsters from one Cantrip, is worth a shot for a melee cleric. Additionally, the second Cleric must be in charge of Guidance. It can be clerics or druids. It grants a bonus to any ability roll. Healing Word is used more often than cure words, which means that a healing word can be used as a bonus action.

After the battle, when you can rest, curse words are used. It helps you get your hit points back.

Drawbacks of DnD Word of Radiance 5e And a Sound of Cantrip Spell 

Though, Word of Radiance has the power to create a mini-fireball of radiant damage which seems to be amazing. But on the other hand, it is not that impressive. It is great if your cleric is already in melee, but it is not worth getting exposed just for this spell.

Here are some defied drawbacks of AoE spells and cantrip sounds:

  • The area is only five feet, which will affect only one or two opponents in that way. 5 feet is a far enough distance for your opponent to be standing on your face. But the main point is that opponents are never too close. In most cases, they are sufficiently expanded to escape the spell.
  • Saving throws is a major con. There is no damage to success as a result. It is highly likely that your opponents will beat Con since it is prone to being an amazing save.

On the plus side, radiant damage makes it unlikely that opponents will acquire much immunity or resistance.

Final Words

Are you also ready to blow that mini fireball…like me? Yeah, it has some drawbacks, but giving it a shot is not that difficult. This Word of Radiance has already illuminated me brightly.

As a result, if you experience the same emotions as me, you have me. Give me a fling and don’t forget to ping me before you do it. I am all set to hear about your experiences and witness your tricky tricks.

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