How to Win a Game of Fortnite? (PC, Xbox One & PS4)

How to win fornite? The world might be prepared for next-gen gaming in all its glory, but for some, there’s still only one game that matters – Fortnite. It’s tempting to dismiss it as something only kids play, but Fortnite reigns supreme for a reason.

The first battle royale game – a game in which you defeat every single enemy until it’s just you or you and your buddies left – it gives you solid combat, a dash of luck, and quick crafting skills, ensuring no two matches are the same. 

Think again if you have been curious, but hesitant to dip your toe in because you think you’ve left it too late. Here’s everything you need to know to get started right away and win your first Victory Royale.

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Get familiar with the Battle Lab

Though most use the Battle Lab as a way of cooking up creative matches for their pals, the Lab is a fantastic way to get familiar with the island without the fear of someone sniping you. In Fortnite, so much of your success will depend on Lady Luck. Knowing every nook and cranny of the island will improve your chances.

This is especially true if you’re trying to ditch some thirsty aggressors. It is also a great place to try building, knowing you will not be attacked. In addition to this, it even produces vehicles and chests, and since these spawn points are pretty formulaic, it’s a great way to learn where these things typically appear. You never know when you might need a handy car or boat – talking of which…

Eye of the Storm

Even the most veteran players have been caught out on this one. Yes, that comes from personal experience. Therefore, do yourself a favor and get into the habit of keeping an eye on where the storm is. At first, it won’t do too much damage, but the longer you stay in it – particularly late-game – the harder it is to escape unscathed. If you are far from safety and worried that you won’t make it, grab a vehicle to increase your chances of making it. 

Having said that, don’t be afraid to use it defensively, either. If you know there is a team ahead of you who has you in their sights, there’s no harm in diving back into the storm, repositioning, and emerging somewhere less dangerous. Isn’t it easier to withstand damage from a storm than a headshot?

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Play it safe

Yes, it’s fun to run around all guns blazing, but unless you’re the kind of player that can easily kill an enemy with nothing more than a steely gaze, you’re better off playing it safe, at least to begin with. 

Players who take their time are more likely to survive to the end, and even though it may not be the sexiest option, the longer you live, the more time you will have to try out different weapons and get to know every hiding place on the map. So at least while you’re learning the ropes, maximize your lifespan by playing cautiously – the more you learn about your map and weapons, the better your chances of survival.

Don’t drop too soon

You’ll find that a lot of battle royale players – regardless of whether they’re PUBG-ing, Apex Legend-ing, or Fortnite-ing – have a habit of jumping off the Battle Bus as soon as they can. Admittedly, that’ll get you into the action much quicker – and your odds of surviving an encounter are actually a little better given few enemies will have had time to loot up.

However, the chances of finding better gear go up if you have less competition for it. Thus, you should be a bit more selective with where you choose to land; not only will this help you become familiar with the maps, but it will also give you more time to loot up without having to scramble for weapons, too.

Build it and they will come (the wins, that is)

The one thing that separates Fortnite from other games of its ilk is the ability to craft and build structures. This means that as well as weapons, you need to be constantly squirreling away crafting items, too. It’s surprising how quickly you’ll get used to it, and it’s really the key to Victory Royale’s success.

Getting height over your opponents gives you an advantage, but it also provides cover if you need to hide and heal. You can’t move or shoot whilst regenerating health, so it’s critical you’re somewhere safe before attempting to do so.

Variety is the spice of life

Some of this is luck, but if you can, make sure you have different weapons available – one for close-range, one for long-range, and whatever else you fancy for in between. This means you’ll always have the right weapon for the appropriate circumstances, boosting your odds of surviving your encounters.

Ideally, some combination of a shotgun, assault rifle, and the sniper is most recommended – that way you’ll always have the right weapon for the job regardless of what fight you stumble into.

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