How to Make Folders on iPhone?

How to Make Folders on iPhone

How to Make Folders on iPhone? One of the coolest new features presented in iOS 14 is the App Library. It cleans up the home screen by organizing nearly all applications into pre-set categories. That way, you can shove your most-used apps on the top screen, while everything else is tucked away — no more endless app pages. … Read more

How to Sell Your iPhone (Without Getting Ripped Off)

How to Sell Your iPhone

How to Sell Your iPhone? If you’re shopping for the latest iPhone or want to escape Apple altogether and switch to Android, selling your current iPhone can generate cash to put toward the new device. As a result, iPhones tend to keep their resale value fairly well compared to leading Android brands. Selling your old one when the … Read more

How to Fix My Mac Keeps Restarting Issue?

mac keeps restarting

How to fix my mac keeps restarting? A Mac that restarts unexpectedly is frustrating. There are a few reasons why your Mac might repeatedly reboot. In this article, we’ll look over methods to identify why your Mac keeps restarting — and, even better, how to fix it. Why does my Mac keeps Restarting? The most … Read more